Sale before subdivision?

Just after some advice concerning my first subdivision.

The DA has been approved and it's been surveyed and fenced. Is it possible to put the block on the market at this stage before it's on a seperate title and finish the subdivision process once a buyer is found?

Any pros/cons with doing this from both a vendors and buyers point of veiw?

I'm trying to avoid paying the remaining subdivision costs and council rates if the block doesn't sell and I end up holding it for a few years.

Thanks in advance.

The downside being you may not get as much for the block because it is not ready to go straight away for the purchaser.
I was thinking that it might turn buyers off a bit. I would rather finish the process completely to sell but don't really have enough spare money without using my cash buffer. Might just give it a run as is and see what happens.

Thanks for all replies.