Sales History report

I have found an interesting product that tells one the history of sales in a street. Even though for Victoria it doesn't give the exact street address, if one knows the most recent sale price (IE. property you bought) one can easily work out the sale history of that property by looking at land size. This product goes back for the street I'm interested in to 1975.

I have found that from 1975 to pretty much the present day there has been a huge fluctions in growth of the house I'm interested in. For example there was a seven year period where the value of the property only grew by 2% per year. There is a 14 year period where the property grew by just a tad less than 3% per year (that was in the period where it grew by 2% a year over 7 years).

However in another 4 year period the value of the same property grew by over 16% per year.

I guess it shows that property can have good times and lean times.

The cost of this product is $30. I found it fascinating looking at the sale history of the property I'm interested in and thought I would share with people this available product. Below is the URL

I would like to make it clear that I will not have any financial gain in people buying this product. So I'm not making a sales pitch but rather sharing a product that I found interesting (even if it may be useless.)
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