Salinity problem in soil

Hi there.

I'm wondering if anyone has some advice to give.

A property that I am looking at has salt leaching out of the soil. The suburb is approx 5km from the ocean, I'd say. Anything steel in the yard, ie. the clothesline, gate and pergola bases are rusted, but only on their bases.

The house is a concrete base with both hardiplank and concrete-brick walls (not clay) and is low set (19 years old.) There is one place on the slab that the steel reo is exposed and is rusting. I spoke to someone in DNR (Dept Nat Resources) and they suggested that this could perhaps be stopped from progressing any further by sealing it correctly.

There is not much growing in the yard at all. Across the road there are two properties next door to each other. One has bad erosion in the front yard and the salt can be seen in the layers of the soil. The other yard has a lush palm garden surrounding.

I am wondering whether anyone else has purchased a property with a salinity problem and whether they had any problems both with the house and with growing a garden.

I think that this suburb may have been built on or near a salt basin.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
As far as the garden goes look at what grows well in the general neighbourhood as a starting point and go and talk to your local nursery as they should know your area well. Keep in mind that some gardeners will bring in outside soil or add extra organic matter to enable them to grow additional species. Having lived metres from the beach I know that it can be a hostile environment both for plants and buildings but a little forethought and planning goes a long way as in most things in life.