Scatch n dent goods.

Hi Folks,

As posted before I have just purchased two IP's that will be settling within days of each other in a few weeks.

Aside from painting and filling holes, I'll need to install a new stove, some ceiling fans and light fittings, and maybe a couple of airconditioners (I want to keep my tenants happily glued in front of their TV's over the hot Queensland summer).

I'm sure someone out there is the world expert on obtaining the absolute best price on white goods and the like in Brisbane.

Any pointers to the best bargains or scratch n dent stuff?


From exp the cheapest place ( in Sydney anyway ) is to go to the auctions where u get new products ( excess stock, deleted lines etc ) from 30% - 80% below retail prices. Im not sure if there are similar auctions in QLD...
Hi Folks,
Came across a website where all members form a buying group & then the web-site owner obtains quotes. As purchases are made in bulk, discounts are there to be had. I saw something on ACA & thought i would give it a go.
I was after a front loading washing machine & the one we wanted was $999 (recommeded retail), i asked for a discount & got it down to $880 (including delivery). The quote the web-site got was for $705 + $30 delivery. I bargained a little further & they didn't charge for the delivery. This included setup & removal of old washer & packaging.
The web-site is & the basic service is FREE.

Regards Tony

Thanks for this, sounds great

Can you please check the URL, it doesn't work for me!

and I need a new washing machine!!!


asy :D
Hi guys,
Sorry about posting the wrong web address but Dan has got the correct one. Sorry for any confusion caused. :eek:

Happy bargain hunting.