Score 1 for the Little Guy (Me)

Some weeks back on a Saturday there was a loud explosion followed by a power blackout which lasted a couple of hours. When power returned, my modem was as dead as a dodo and my sensor lights didn't work. I rang my ISP and was told a new modem would be $89.90. I didn't ring an electrician at that stage but figured between $100-$200 to fix or replace the lights.

On Monday I rang my electricity provider and asked them how I make a claim. On Wednesday I received a letter (fast work!) saying what the cause of the power outage was but that they didn't take claims and suggested I claim on insurance. Tried that, but my insurance doesn't cover for damage caused by loss of power only storms.

So I wrote to the electricity provider and questioned how they can wash their hands of my damage costs when they were clearly caused by a service that they have responsibility for and that it didn't matter whether their 'loss of power supply problem' was accidental or otherwise. My insurance didn't cover it and why should I bear the costs, I was only after fair compensation etc.

Back came a letter saying they'd reconsidered and although there was no admittance of fault or liability on their part - they'd pay. The letter contained legal statements about no acceptance of negligence etc on their part! All quite official! Enclosed were claim forms also containing statements I had to agree to and sign saying none of my heirs would make future/further claims etc. All very legal and official too! I had to send the invoices in when the goods had been replaced/repaired. Did that and got compensated!

I just wonder how they can say they don't accept claims when the letters were from a Claims Consultant, they had official Claim Forms bearing their logo which I had to return to the Claims Department!

It pays to take the time to put pen to paper sometimes.

Nice work. And you can claim, for things like spoiled food when the fridge is off, etc. If you can link the damaged modem to the time of the blackout then they will pay, but you have to keep pushing them. We had a neighbour's pine tree hit by lightening a few years ago - thought it was a bomb. Every window on that side, all down the street was shattered, the sewerage pipes ruptured, and everyone's power went down and couldnt be repaired for a long time. We had huge stumps of wood land in our yard and down the street. The electricity company had to pay out for all damaged electrical goods, including our modem. Because there was a whole street involved they paid up straightaway.
Glad it was the electricity co's fault. One of my girls brought down a stobey pole 2 months back (where's Dazz?!:D), and due to circumstances at first she didn't think she was insured for it. They informed her she'd be up for the cost of the emergency ETSA crew and cost of the new stobey pole ($5k'ish) and any claims made by ETSA customers the co. received - so as Pushka said, spoilt food etc.

Fortunately for her it was 2am, so most people wouldn't have even been aware they lost power. Oh, and even more fortunately, turns out insurance covered the emergency crew after all.