Scott ( What a guy!

Fancy that. Another topic of praise for Scott (

I'd just like to publicly pronounce Scott "The Model Human" Brunsdon to be one of the most wonderful, selfless, awesome people I've encountered.

Further, I'll take the opportunity to profusely thank him for an abundance of recent help (and education). Of particular note was the recent "falling apart" a door on my PPOR.

I'm no handy man (yet). I posted some photos on here asking for repair/replacement ideas/costs.

Next thing I know, Scott selflessly sacrifices saturday arvo–and some of sunday–to remove, repair, reinforce and reinstall my door (accidental alliteration!).

Teaching me a number of DIY skills along the way (woo!), then lending me everything needed to carry out final touches to my sparkling, sturdy door at home, Scott's selflessness and generosity have left me glowing!

Scott: THANK YOU. I am so grateful.

Everyone else: Take notes of the human benchmark :D
Crikey. Just noticed this thread. It was only a couple of hours. Richard doesn't live far from me and I've got a shed and plenty of tools and usually time on my hands, so it wasn't a big deal to get his door round to my place and fix it and then put it back. The sanding and painting that he is doing will take longer than what I did.
When I was Richard's age, there were some blokes who showed me stuff, so I'm just doing what they did.
Thanks Richard.
Sorting out a Depreciation Schedule for someone is much, much easier than buying a property for them. Not that we've done a Schedule for Richard - I just fixed his door.
Scott I have a 2000 piece jigsaw of an image of the ocean to assemble by tomorrow morning. Can I count on your support to get it done?
Richard not hijacking you thread, just adding some info,

i emailed Scott about recommending a builder, he promptly reply to PM and send few email back and forward to direct me in a right direction.

just to goes to show, that he is happy to take a time out of his busy working life to help people!

Just like Scott, i found few members on a froum that goes out of the way to help ppl like me, here is a few that i came across:

Mystery (investor)
MTR (investor)
Aaron Sice (architect, town planner)
Terry_W (lawyer)
The financeShop (our broker/mentor/ and now friend)
RPI (our lawyer, town planner)

i am sure there are few others on forum that goes out of way to help ppl. feel free to list there name.. it help lot of newbies and experience interstate investors.

time to time, i dropped PM to above forum members and they are willing to go out of way to help or point in right direction without expecting anything in return.

Many thanks!
I'd also like to thank Scott, who performed a depreciation report for a property of our free of charge.

Thank you Scott, I still think of this from time to time and feel guilty I haven't sent you anything yet
I'd also like to thank Scott, who performed a depreciation report for a property of our free of charge.

That was one of those tricky/messy jobs where we didn't really incur any out of pocket expenses. It wasn't a big deal to sort out.

These online communities really aren't much different from the ones we all live in. There are people I know in my neighbourhood who are generous with their time and resources, and there are the odd bitter and twisted ones, bullies, nut cases etc who are best avoided - just like here.
Dozens and dozens of people on Somersoft go out of their way to help people - not forgetting the mods and Sim and the Somers who stump up the money to keep it running.
Ahhh. Can you feel the love in here?

Thanks again, Scott. I hope I'll be able to return the kindness in spade down the track.

And while I'm expressing gratitude, thanks to everyone on the forum – it's is a truly valuable resource, made so by its users. I've learned a lot here.
and there are the odd bitter and twisted ones, bullies, nut cases etc who are best avoided - just like here.

Cracked me up.....classic line.

Funny as ****

Glorious day in Hervey Bay......out to clean my gutters with a smile on my face!

Yes i'm one of those nut cases, but I reserve the prerogative to be so. :D


Got to add another big thank you to Dep and his team. Ordered a schedule, had one of them come back saying should be between 2 and 3 weeks (about what I figured given I only realised I hadn't had a schedule done until tax time) - I mentioned something about please not more than three weeks as first bub is due at four weeks (half jokingly - my fault for being so disorganised). They got the turn around done very quickly for me - incredibly thankful to them for this - didn't expect it to be rushed through (just didn't want it same week as bubs :) ). So a massive thank you!
And joining the love in.....

I contacted Scott based on the forum reviews and he and every one I dealt with were amazing!

Hold ups our end ( not theirs) and we still managed to get a schedule in time for meeting with the accountant. Not to mention I am more than pleasantly surprised with the results of the schedule.

To deal with such a professional but down to earth set up has been refreshing.

Thanks Scott! :)