Screening tenants

From: Michael G


I get the Mr Landlord Newsletter, here's an interesting tip...

SCREENING TIP OF THE WEEK - 4th in a series
(Unique Tip Suggested by a visitor)

On my applications I ask applicants to rate their "personal housekeeping" habits (Most respond good to excellent).

In keeping with the application disclosure that all information submitted on this application will be verified, I often knock
on the door of the present residence to verify their "personal housekeeping" habits. While some are surprised by my visit, it is a real eye opener and helps in my tenant selection process." Georgia landlord

Just thought, that was interesting :)

Michael G

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From: Duncan M

On the same note, if your conducting a look-thru for a potential tenant, follow them back to their car, the inside state of the car is often indicative of the state they keep their residence.

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From: J Parker

Even better, I've heard, is to offer to drop the application forms (or some paperwork as an excuse) off to their current residence. That is the real eye opener and indicator of how they will take care of your property.
cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Owen .

I did that last night to my new tenants. Their place was spotless....and so was their car.

It's very reassuring.


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