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From: Kunta Kinte

Has anyone been to any of Sean's seminars? He is advertising on TV and also in the local paper (country Vic). I have read his book and enjoy his perspective. I intend going to the evening but wondered what others think?
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From: Jakk Bass - The SLUM LORD

G'Day Kunta

I went to his seminar last year in Warragul.
All I can say is, that for his sake, I hope he has improved.
After attending his seminar, I found it difficult to believe that this was the same person that had written the book.
The only good part was that the seminar wasn't very expensive, less than $100 from memory.
But then again, as they say, You get what you pay for!

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From: Gail H


I went to a free seminar from Sean at a bookstore. Perhaps not representative as it was free, but he did speak for over an hour.

I definitely wouldn't pay for it. He's a lovely guy, but its very very standard stuff. Plus I didn't like that he was basically urging everyone to rush off and buy in Melbourne when anyone could see that the Melbourne market was overheated and probably about to hit a plateau. He showed no recognition whatsoever that the property market is cyclical. I worried for all the newbies there.

Still, I respect his achievements. He has done well. No offence to him, but he is no rocket scientist, and his talk was very simplistic (he states his opinions as facts and there are no nuances whatsoever). I walked away thinking that if he could be rolling in money, then it must be doable.

Another thing I didn't like was that he was urging everyone to run out there and start a business because you can use it to leverage time. He did it with a pizza shop. He said that going to Uni was a waste of time and that he sees broke doctors/lawyers all the time. Sure, but have a look at the statistics on failure rates of small businesses (especially cafes etc.). And if lawyers/doctors invested well, they probably wouldn't be broke.

Anyway, I liked his book a lot and have recommended it to many people. But he isn't up to the seminar circuit in my view (like I said though, a lovely guy and I mean no offence)

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From: Simon St John

Hi Gail

What point exactly was Sean making when he told people to "run out there and start a business because you can use it to leverage time".

Just interested in what he meant by "leveraging time". Does this perhaps mean buying a cash flow business?

Cheers, Simon
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From: GoAnna !

I presume means using other people time? Employees?

GoAnna !
"To the man who only has a hammer in the toolkit, every problem looks like a nail."
-Abraham Maslow
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