Section 32 Easement Question - inside drainage boundary

Ladies and Gents ,

We've inspected the house and the price range looks reasonable.
The property has no garage or carport pergola, just a paved driveway .

I've received the section 32 and realized why ... There are two easements - one is on the left hand side where is the driveway .

Do you believe we have a chance to get a permit to build a carport over the driveway ?

The section 32 says :

Melbourne Water : inside drainage boundary

Realistically , the chance to get a dig up from Melbourne Water is very minor .
I've been told that it might affect a house insurance policy if you decide to build over the easement , for instance in case of fire or pipe burst insurance company will use tit to avoid paying the premium . Is it correct ?

The house is nice , however I'd like to have a garage or carport for safety reasons.

Please your suggestions

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Building Over Easement

You build over the easement at your risk. I have built a (light weight)structure over an easement. As I previously asked MW(In another case) and basically the response was if you go ahead and MW needs access then up she comes. I would check around for access points in your area, perhaps even get a drainage plan(may cost a few bucks) then make a decision based on your area. I would steer away from a high value structure.
Age of the infrastructure also should have a bearing on your decision.

Just my experience
Thank you for your prompt response . .

Gravel or paving is not so important and doesn't cost a fortune .
The key issue is the pergola/cover .

It might be accessibility issue due to height limit of your structure when you bring a bobcat/ bulldozer . I've enclosed the photograph of the driveway and it's clear that pavement is on top of easement .

I thought about something like that :

Does it affect insurance if the driveway or carport are located on top of easement boundries ?
Do you believe I should drop $4-5K from the price I was about to offer ?



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you can apply for a build over easement application and my guess is that you would recieve it

however, if MW ever needs to check the pipe, they will dismantle the structure and not repair it after they are done, so you would wear the cost

not sure about the insurance side of this though
Thank you for your responses .

I've spoken with my friend's friend who's working in Melbourne Water .

Not a big deal in an old area . The chance that Melbourne Water would like to escavate the area is very very minor