Security risk you may not of thought of.

No need to hand them over to a third party. DIY photocopying is going to give the same outcome. :eek:

I am naive. Never thought of that outcome from mere copying.

Hmmm, now if any enterprising young (criminal) minds working part time at Officeworks to put themselves thru Uni, can systemise the retireval of such info, they have a identity stealing machine. :rolleyes:

Thanks for shring that Mr. Fish.....boy am I naive :eek:
.....boy am I naive :eek:

I was a photocopier tech in a previous life and understand technology at a general level but it had never crossed my mind, but I have not been in an office for twenty years.

The copiers in that clip seem to have been leased so I reckon the leasing company is guilty of a massive breach of trust. They should routinely erase all hard drives and reprogram them.
There would be a few "bottom" shots too wouldn't there?

Or doesn't anybody do that any more after the drunken office party?
I think the whole thing comes under the category of; "Keep the masses frightened and needy".

It looked like an ACA docco to me.

yeah, there's a possible risk, but geeez.