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From: Paul Murphy

Many of you will remember that we announced our "Wealth Through Education" seminars on 2nd and 4th April in Melbourne. We now have some very exciting news for all those wishing to attend.

I can now confirm that Dolf de Roos will be speaking at this seminar. Dolf is an exceptional talent in property investment and is an experienced speaker and teacher. He has lectured in over 12 countries and is the property keynote speaker for Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad).

For those also interested in learning about investing in shares, options and futures, David Novac will also be speaking at these events. David is also a keynote speaker on shares for Robert Kiyosaki and has also been a keynote speaker for Anthony Robbins.

Robert Kiyosaki only has 6 specialist advisers worldwide, and we have secured two of them. You now have a chance to see them live.

Even greater news - the main property investment training course being provided by The Investment Institute has been co-developed by The Institute and Dolf de Roos, drawing on Dolf's years of training and success in bringing real and tangible value to our students. Likewise, our main share investment training course has been co-developed by The Institute and David Novac.

We are very proud of the fact that both Dolf and David are working with The Institute, increasing even more the benefits we will be bringing to students of The Institute.

We originally offered complimentary tickets to readers of this forum, but unfortunately that offer has now ended. We can still make available tickets to these events at only $25.00 each, and we urge you to take advantage of this unique and rare event.

To hear and learn from such renowned experts as Dolf de Roos and David Novac for only $25.00 is extremely good value. People pay hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars to hear Dolf and David when they accompany Robert Kiyosaki.

By attending, you will also receive a free 30 minute tape from Dolf de Roos, and a $25.00 discount voucher when purchasing a Jan Somers PIA program through The Institute - saving you the cost of the entry ticket.

This is an exceptional learning opportunity at a very affordable price. Bookings to these events are required, so to reserve your place, simply call The Investment Institute on (03) 9909 7233 during business hours and quote your credit card details. Your tickets will then immediately be mailed to you.

We look forward to seeing of many of you as possible at our "Wealth Through Knowledge" seminars.

Paul Murphy
The Investment Institute
[email protected]
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