Seeking: Good property manager for WATERLOO NSW

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has a good property manager for Waterloo/ Green Square NSW area.

I've sent out multiple enquiries however very little response returned and if initially responded, very low follow up responses. This worries me a little a bit.

Appreciate your recommendations.
response time..

Response time is always a good measure of how they will do so in the future.
Personal recommendations could be good also, check their license with Fair Trading,
Do they have a bank of tradies who they work with regularly ( can they get a plumber 'free quote'? )
A good property manager is certainly worth their weight in gold!
Experience, size of office (staff) etc etc. Enthusiasm to maintain , increase returns $ ( a vacant property doesn't get them or you any $)
Do you like them/ trust them?
I could go on forever...
Green Square Waterloo is growing very quickly, !
best of luck!
I hope this helps