Seeking Some Spare Earth

I am seeking a small (and I mean really small) block in inner-city Perth. My area boundaries are north to Inglewood, east to the railway line and west to Leederville.

Alternatively, if any Perth forum members are considering a subdivision and would consider a joint venture to construct two or more 2-storey dwellings (~$120K each) using the tilt-up concrete method - please feel free to contact me at

I am an experienced property investor and venture capital is no problem. Inner city space is the problem. The market is so overheated at the moment and the only lots I can find are more than 400sqm and nearly $400K+. Ideally I would like to construct each residence on less than 200sqm.

My intention is to fit out at least one with high quality fittings and use it as my primary residence.

Hi Anthony

If you try posting this thread in the Caveat Emptor section of this forum you will probably get a better responce.

Regards Simon H
A quick search

Hi there,

havent checked the saturday paper but this is what I got fro the REIWA site.

4 blocks, hope one or more fits the bill for you, good luck.

1. 104a Sixth Ave Inglewood, 526sqm, $199950
2. 44b Normanby Rd Inglewood, 270sqm, $169000
3&4. 68a & 68b Wasley St North Perth, $159k and $172k.

Would you like some help looking, I have time until I get some work - some VERY interesting jobs to apply for in the paper today....

Time rich money poor :)

Thanks for the generous offer TheBacon.

We have a strata meeting with THE BLOCK FROM HELL on Saturday at 10, but would love to catch up for a coffee afterwards if you are free.

Drop us an email to to coordinate time/place if you are available.

Perhaps you can offer some sneaky insight into surreptitiously moving a disruptive resident to a new property whilst she is not looking.

Tony & Jo