Seeking Strata approval for tiling?

Have bought an investment property (single level townhouse in group of 8, with 2 shared walls) recently and the carpet is around 9 years old and definitely needs replacing - kitchen also has a cheap lino floor. Recommendations have been to tear up the carpet and just get the open plan living/dining/kitchen and corridor tiled and recarpet the two bedrooms, which sounds like a good plan to me. Rugs can then be placed in the living room and any stains can be easily removed and all smiles..hopefully

However, reading the API for December about receiving permission from strata to change this flooring arrangement it quotes a NSW by-law 14:

"an owner must cover the floor of their lot or treat it to stop noise which may disturb another resident. This does not apply to the kitchen, laundry, WC or bathroom of a lot".

What are the repercussions of this? By receiving permission from the other residents to put my tiling down, can i bypass this bylaw? What if i tile the floor and put the rugs down and my tenants roll up the rugs as they prefer to just put their furniture on the tiled floor?

Any experience or suggestions would be great :)

I have a single level townhouse with 2 shared walls and have tiling in all of the living areas and only the bedrooms carpeted and to be honest because you don't have anyone above/below you, you don't hear the neighbours at all and I assume that their units are the same as mine. Go for it!
I changed the floor of my unit. I got written permission from the executive committee. My written request mentioned an existing precedent in the block - unit # and type of flooring - to make it easy for them to say 'yes', put 'em in their comfort zone.

Although it wasn't expected I had soundproofing put underneath (about $1/m - cheap!).

I covered myself because I reason it is better to spend a little now than have hassles, discontent, tension or the cost of fixups/redos.