Seen any good movies lately ?


Anyone seen any good movies at all lately ?

The only one I've seen that was remotely passable was:

Austin Powers 3 aka Goldmember aka Flogging a dead horse

Actually, in reality I just wanted to point out to people that they don't have to talk about property or investing in here... talk about anything you like so long as it is G-rated (Ruby and asy are very sensitive you know - gotta keep it clean for them)
I haven't seen the movie but...

I liked Vioncent Sorrenti talking about John Howard taliking to Tony Blair in England...

"James Bond meets Austin Powers"
Good point, Sim. The CL is a little too quiet. Perhaps Asy and Ruby should get a Liquor licence and put a few cocktails on the menu. :cool:

Last few films I've seen which were all good:

Lord of the Rings
Minority Report
The Bourne Identity
Sum of All Fears

Next on the list is Road to Perdition.

Recent movie on telly I enjoyed was The Talented Mr Ripley.

Tossing up whether to see Signs with Mel Gibson or wait till it comes out on video/DVD or TV so I won't be so terrified during the scary bits. :eek:


Saw signs but wasn't overly impressed with it.

Also saw one hour photo. (latest robyn williams one that hasn't yet been released in Aust.)

If you have cable you can download it off me through kazaa.

One hour photo was a bit wierd. A wonderful photoshop being replaced by digital cameras.

Spiderman was good I agree. Lilo and stich was good for a feel good movie. Who says adults can't still enjoy disney/touchstone stuff?


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Hi Sunstone,

I have only recently loaded Kasaa on my computer to download some MP3 files but so don't know all the ins and outs just yet so was wondering if you could explain how to download something from a particular location or user?

Regards, Mike
triple XXX by Vin Diesel was a good movie
lots of action i like the part which he says "what i'm going to do for my country"
just hit the search button mike and type in anything like songs or movie that you are looking for

Sum of all Fears - was great. Good action. Recommended.

Tripple X - was a light hearted James Bond, good action sequences.

Michael G
Sum of all fears was fantastic.. :)

It was what I call a "Just enough" movie.

There was Just enough action,
Just enough suspense,
Just enough schmaltzy stuff,
Just enough believability,
and Just enough length.

I loved it.

I am going to see Stuart little today! I will let you know what it was like tomorrow!

asy :D

With Kazaa make sure that you get kazaa lite. (This is the version that has removed 99% of the spyware pop-ups and advertising that is contained in the program.) (Just ignore a little bit of the advertising on this site. It is the right version of kazaa.)

If you have already downloaded the original kazaa I recommend that you get adaware.

This removes the horrible gator style ads and really cleans out the banner ads on your computer. Definitely recommend it.
(Although only warning is to be careful using it if you use USB printing.)

In the user options you can enter the name you want to be recognised on for the site.

Cannot work out how to specify a user that you want to download from.

However suggestions:

1) If you know the name of the file that your friend/person you want to download from has you can then find out their kazaa user name. After this you can then do a search "find more files from this user".


2) Look at downloading an ftp program such as "Cute FTP". This is another system for sharing files.

Hope this helps.


I took the kids to see Stuart Little 2 tonight


We laughed and laughed

There was enough to keep a 6 year old interested and NOT wriggling, and enough to have me laughing just about the whole way through!!!

I recommend it to all!

asy :D
Movies? What's a movie???
You can tell I don't get out much....
I think the last thing I saw (and loved) was The Importance of Being Earnest.
But I did go and see Witches of Eastwick at the theatre last weekend. Great stuff.
G'Day all

i dont watch many movies but one that I did see that really deserves a mention was "Swordfish"

Just loved it.

Hi All,

Just saw the Bourne Identity, and thought it was great. Having read every Robert Ludlum book, was happy to see a movie that went even close to the novel.

Great thread Sim'

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is great. Dunno if anglo's without wog/jewish/asian friends would get it though.

Bourne Identity was the best of the recent films IMO (I'm not too H).

Saw Finding Forrester again tonight on Foxtel. Brilliant. All writers (and that includes active forumites) should see it.

All time fav movie is
The Usual Suspects. Closely followed by Being John Malkovich and American Beauty. Off course there are a stack on Classics on the list.

Oh and Bend It Like Beckham is still playing. Go see it. Is good.

I could go on.

If you like dramas, Road To Perdition (Perdition is the name of a town in the film but I think that is purely to fit in with the title of the film.) at 2 hours is worth a look. Film buffs will appreciate the good acting from Tom Hanks and Jude Law. Sam Mendes of American Beauty fame directed and put a lot of atmosphere into the film. It doesn't contain a lot of suspense but isn't boring either because of the unusual story about a gangster hitman whose wife and one of two sons is killed by an associate. He manages to get his revenge with the help of his other son.

Jude Law is another hitman hired by Hank's associates to get him before he gets them. On the run, Hanks and son make for the town called Perdition to meet up with Hanks' sister-in-law.