Seen any good theatre?


I've just seen an ad today for the musical of the Lion King- to start in Sydney in October 2003.

I was fortunate enough to have seen it in London several years ago.

It was a superb experience.

Although taken from the "Lion King" movie, it has expanded and grown to something with a great deal more depth than the movie.

Don't get me wrong. The kids will still love it. But so will the Mums and Dads.

The music from the film is in there. That's a bit of a pity- a little too sweet for me. But a lot of SOuth African influenced music has been added- and that gives it a great deal of depth. In the Lodon theatre, two of the largish balconies were filled with African drums.

Some of the African flavour was contributed by Lebo M, who also contributed to the score of "The Power of One" (where I felt the music was much better than the film).

The visual presentation of the show was stunning.

Various animals were represented in various unique ways. The colour and the characterisations were superb. Masks, costumes, Japanese style puppetry, and shadow puppetry are used to great effect.

A superb experience for the whole family.
A very old post...

There's a peek behind the scenes of Lion King in "Getaway" tonight.

MrsW missed out on a free preview of the show in Canberra because I went up to Sydney that same night for Michael Yardney's seminar.

I owe.
I posted this 18 months ago.

I haven't yet made it up to Sydney for the production up there.

Have people seen it? What do they think?
I havent seen it personally, but my daughter and partner made a special trip to see it from Canberra and other members of the Sydney branch of our family have seen it. The response was unanimously positive. My daughter (childcare professional) thought it was fantastic.

Cheers Bawley
Hi Geoff,
I saw The Lion King in London last year. I have seen a few shows at West End and the Lion King would have to be one of the best.
Without a doubt the very best was We Will Rock You by Queen. I have always liked Queen, but I think the show has converted me to a die hard fan.

Lion King will be in Melbourne in July. I have already received info about advance bookings so tickets must be released in the next few weeks.

Cant wait! Taking the whole family.

Mrs Bird
I saw it with a friend who received two tickets as a gift. She offered me the tick at the last minute when her boyfriend didn't want to go (!)

It was fabulous. Great one to take kids to.

We had aisle seats, even more special!!!!! (I was a bit scared of the hyenas)

Lovely show. Very clever use of the space on stage. Using vertical spaces and horizontal. Very clever technically.
I went to the show in Sydney last night (April 30).

It was superb.

The music, the show, the lighting, and the costumes were great. The special effects were great. No digitised animations- just the very clever use of lighting, imagination, puppetery, and illusion to create a superb experience.

The show was rather different from the one I had seen in London. The music, the costumes and the special efects of the puppetry were still there. But the staging had changed- mostly, but not always, for the better. The jokes were sometimes different, and in a few instances, changed for Australia.

My memory of the London show are not completely clear- it was seven years ago. I was right at the front for that show- more a part of the music, as it was surrounding me. This time, the music was down in front.

Purely as an experience, I enjoyed the London show a little more.

But I would not have missed either experience for anything. It was especially good going there with my family, and to see their enjoyment. I had promised myself, after going to the London performancem, that I would see the show with my family.

A special bonus was seeing Peter Spann and the Platinum members of Freeman Fox (those who can afford Peter's personal advice- fees are around $30K). I had met a number of those members during Peter's "Millionaire Mastermind" weekend some weeks ago- a very important part of that weekend, for me, was talking with many of those people who had succeeded financially. (All the people I spoke to had achieved this through business).

This show had originally been advertised as the last show in Sydney, which may have been the reason we were both there for that show. It has been extended.

A special thanks to Peter for being kind enough to talk with an insignificant "graduate" of his courses.