Sefton For GV

From: Rolf Latham


Easy to solve - no advice required, if you have access to the numbers.

Sutherland av unit price 236k
Average house price 376

House rental return 4.1 %

Historical growth 98 - 16 %, 99 - 12 %, AND 00 3 %.

Predictive 3 yr - 9, 5 yr - 9, 8 yr 10 %.

The 320 k townhouse would fall into the middle quadrant in terms of purchase price, and will always be easier to rent and sell than something in the upper 5 % of a market segment.

Sutherland has land content and probably less depreciation, the Sefton Unit might have nice fittings and fixtures but these will wear out.


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From: Cathy Baxter

Hey Rolf

You always seem to have your eye on the stats. You've mentioned Residex before. Is it a worthwhile purchase.

Does it cover all postcodes including those outside Sydney? I'm a country investor and wonder if it would be useful to me.


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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Cathy

Everything that Residex puts out is good value. I use their full on software and database system the monthly fee is a bit excsy for a single investor but ok for a business.

Nothing beats getting you own hands dirty, but Residex has saved my clients form expensive "mistakes", and we have also "found" tens of thousands in equity, When geared up, in some instances this meant the difference between no IPs and two 200 k Ips - a huge difference !


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From: David Grounds

Dear Rolf

We too have found information from RESIDEX to be very useful. We have obtained information about the Brisbane and Sydney markets prior to buying IPs there.

I haven't heard about their software and database system. What does it do? What's it cost?

David & Sarah
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