Self-acting on land purchase

I have tried a search on this topic but can't find anything.
I am purchasing a block of land from a developer. I am aware of the searches I should undertake and the forms 1 and 24 which have to be completed.
Where can I find a step by step guide of what to do to be self-acting. I just need to get the order correct so I don't mess up the procedure. I am in Queensland.
Thanks Fourex, I'll give that crowd a ring. Have you had any experience with them or know of their reputation?

TPFKAD, Messing it up could mean financial penalties or the vendor cancelling the contract if I don't meet the contract deadlines.
I have a copy of their kit for purchasing a house or residential land in Queensland.

It will list the steps which will need to be taken for the conveyancing which include:

Selection of finance source.
Obtaining search request forms.
Finance approval.
Reading and understanding the form 30a, 27a, 31a and 32a where appropriate.
Reading and understanding the complete contract including the standard conditions and any special conditions.
Signing contract.
Various searches Title, Council,Contaminated Land, Heritage and Environment, Department of Main Roads, Qld Rail, Power Link, Ergon, Land Tax.
Transfer forms.
Final title search.
Lodgement of documents to titles office.

I had the copy given to myself from a solicitor who is a friend of mine. I have not had any experiences directly with them.

You may need to keep in mind what is required for Stamping of the documents if the following applies to you:

When the purchaser intends to obtain finance by means of a mortgage over the property it is usual for the mortgagee (for reasons of security) to require the Transfer to be stamped prior to settlement so the Transfer can be registered immediately after settlement. Arrangements need to be made with the vendor or the vendor's solicitor for this to be effected. Once the vendor has signed the Transfer he will be reluctant to release this back to the purchaser because it is virtually an agreement that the transfer has been made. Therefor an arrangement for both parties to meet at the Office of State Revenue or for the vendor's solicitor to carry out the stamping on behalf of both parties will need to be made. (Expect a charge if the later occurs).

Hope this helps.

P.s. I hate spending money on my solicitor however most times it is money well spent.
occasionally I do my own sales, because as long as I get the right cheque I dont really care what happens. never been brave enough to do a purchase - in fact I never plan to. no one to sue if it goes horribly wrong