Selling Bayswater WA investment property

We have had our first investment property in Bayswater for 6 years, and want to sell to help us relocate to the UK. It is a 3x1 weatherboard cottage, well located near Meltham train station on 450 sqm, in quite good condition with some rennos done.

We have never sold a house before, and the real estate agents are encouraging us to sell now, saying the market could turn even though hot now. We've held it through a pretty bad time for house prices in Perth and want to get as much as we can for it to try and offset the last few years. We can hold a while longer if needed.

My question is when would be the best time to sell? Now or in Sept/Oct (we can extend the lease for existing tenants to then or sell when this lease runs out soon)? Thanks for any feedback.
Sell now if it has any good development potential.

If it has development potential sell it yourself as it doesn't need an agent to sell a development site these days.

There's always people here looking for a good IP.
Paul Di Lanzo has sold 5 properties for me within walking distance of yours and another 4 within a 3-4km km radius, i would recommend speaking to him. Excellent agent, i cannot recommend him and Hayley (his assistant) highly enough.
Thank you, I have contacted him and he's going to do a valuation. Can I ask why you don't use a local agent? Is there a benefit going further afield?
Thank you