Selling costs

Hi all, my sis in law selling their place in Sydney.

Can someone pls help me understand what the approx cost for preparation of contract of sale is ? Just so I can provide her with some ideas.

Thanks !
Probably $5.

You'd really be wanting to know the agent commission, the fees the government charges you for mortgage discharge, bank break fees, conveyancer/solicitor fees and probably some other fees I can't think off offhand.

A lot, anyway.

I'm up for close to 10% in total fees and charges on the sale of mine, and that figure keeps growing every time I drop the listed price of the house as most of the costs are fixed.
My agent fee is over 5% :(

Check with the bank what the break fees are if she's got a loan - it varies hugely. For us it is $700 (pretty standard CBA 'delayed establishment' fee) but that's still close to 1% of the sale price. And I think they are slugging us another $350x2 for changing the loan type and security of our other loan at the same time.
i think you are mainly refering to the solicitor fees/charges. I would expect to pay around $1k.

You should also consider the cost of marketing on top of the agent comm.