From: William Blake

Upcoming property,wealth creation etc seminars, info nights

Who can tell me whats on and when .. Melbourne only

Here is a chance for you guys to advertise your events without criticism from the gallery

ps. I heard an ad on the radio for an event this week at the Melbourne Exhibition/Conference centre but missed the telephone number and details, I think it was to be held this coming Wednesday - any one know about this one?

William Blake
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From: Michael Yardney

William - I just heard the last bit of the ad on the radio too. I think it is Peter Span. It's at the Exhibition buildings, but I missed the 1800 no. If it is Peter Span its definitely worth going to. Now for the free plug like you asked. Thanks for the opportunity!!
On March 20th I'm holding a FREE event where I will allow you to cash in on the secrets that have made me a real estate millionaire. On the night I will reveal the strategies I used to turn $2,500 into a $5 million dollar property portfolio in my spare time. And then I how I grew that further in quantum leaps by becoming a property developer. By the way - NO strings attached.... there are NO books or courses to buy, NO properties to sell etc etc.
I don't do these events often. I make my money daily in the property market, not by teaching, but I do have an ulterior motive.
You see.... every time I have put on a seminar I find a few new like minded people who approach me after and join one of my syndicates as co - developers so that they can buy their investment properties wholesale.
I've had an excellent response so far... lots of people coming from this forum. I'm really looking forward to meeting them all.
To find out more and get an email update on my thoughts on the property market for the year 2001 please email me. Michael Yardney Metropole Properties
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From: Ian Somers

For those interested in hearing Jan speak, please note that she will be in Melbourne on March 20 compliments of Residential Mortgages Australia Pty Ltd. Details are on the news page of the web site (
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