Sending Emails

G'day Sim,

I recently wanted to communicate privately with a forumite. So I sent an email as opposed to a PM.

Initially I thought that would trigger my default email account but found that instead it opened up a cut down version of the PM window within the somersoft site. Just that it had no formatting etc.

Anyway I decided to proceed with the email and sent it. But now I cant find any record of it.

Is it normal that vBulletin keeps no record of those or do I have a setting somewhere blocking that function?



We have a privacy feature enabled for the forum where email addresses are not shown.

You can send an email to someone using the email form - and it will tell them your address, and if they choose to reply to you, you will then find out their address.

If we just did the mailto: links, then you would automatically see their addresses - which we don't want to have happen.

There is no record of the email that was sent kept by the forum - so there is no way of tracking that email.

Replies would either come directly to you if they replied to your address in the email, or to the postmaster (me) if they simply replied to the "system".