Separate the States into their own Topics

Just a suggestion, have you considered separating the states into their own topics... For example have a QLD only topic, WA topic etc... Would be easier to navigate to look for the goings on in a particular state...

Just a thought... :p


There's only a couple of topics which could be considered from a state-specific point of view - mostly the issues are national.

I might look at something called thread "labels" for some forums which would allow a user starting a new thread to specify which state (if any) it relates to. You could then filter the thread list to show only threads from a specific state.
labelling sounds good, especially if any person that already contributed a post to the thread could add a label (as OPs won't always take the time)
Why not suggest simply adding the state to the subject line? The normal 3 letter abbreviations don't take much effort.

I know I have been guilty of answering posts before realising that the query was from a different state with different laws.