seperate water meter for units in SA

Hi All. I am A long time lurker and first time poster.

I own a unit in a group of six in Beverley in SA bought as a primary resident and thinking about renting it out soon. My Water bills are like approx 169$ every quarter paid for supply and sewage charges. On top of that we (strata corporation) pay for usage through body corporate close to 800-900$ a year. It kind of hurts my pocket when rented out.

So alternatively I was just wondering anybody here using or similair to pass on the Water bill to the tenants? How do you normally charge them just the usage or also both the sewage and supply?

Find a PM that you will go with and talk to them. I didnt look at the link

You would normally pay the connection fees and the tenants pays the usage charges. PM will handle both
Tenant pays water usage and supply charges.
In units there are different ways to charge tenants, adding a sub meter is one way - it needs to be read privately every quarter in this case, but there are other ways to apportion the invoice depending on how body corp is handling it.

Any pm agency can work out water invoices from sa water or strata bills.