Sequential Process for DA and certification of a small reno

Hi Guys,

I have spoken to a number of town planners and building certifiers (as well as the local coucil), and am getting mixed responses regarding what I can and can't do to a current duplex I own.

In order to try and figure out the correct stages of the process, I have come up with my anticipated approach. Are there any variances to this, or have I left out any ones?

The Proposal:

What I want to do is to convert an existing lock up garage (under existing roof structure) into a habitable area (changing from a class 10 to a class 1 area). By doing this, I would also like to erect a carport for this loss in garage space.

From what I understand, I need a development Application (or a building application?) for each conversion and carport (Total 2) no problems there. I will also seek a building relaxation for the carport, as it will encroach the property boundary (and will be positioned in front of the front wall of the house)

In order to do this, and get it approved and noted in the council file, I have come up with the following sequence:

1. Speak to builder and see if he can do it
2. Engage a drafter to do up a set of plans based on discussions with builder.
3. Engage a town planner to ensure that covenents and local planning schemes are maintained for the works.
4. Once the town planner reviews drawings (and makes some amendments to the plans based on town planning requirements), then I can send these drawings in with a development application to get approval to underrtake the works.
5. (I guess with point 4 above that I can use the services of a building inspector to approve these drawings??) Can town planner do this for you?
6. I have found out that I may need a MCU (Material change of Use)...Unfortunate as I am not changing the use of the land....I am just adding a bedroom. (Out of interest, it is under the Moreton Bay Regional Council jurisdiction) Would I need to settle the MCU issue first before I try and put the DA (or BA) through?

After I undetake the reno, I will strata the duplex. For this I will engage a Surveyor, in order to produce a survey plan. And then engage a strata company in order to do up a community management plan. Then this would be all sent to council (or DNMR) and then be issued with the titles of the properties within a month of forwarding.

Generally, that is about it.

Does this make sense?

Thanks in advance.