I hope that i am phrasing this correctly.....

how much/what percentage of serviceability does your bank allow?

for some reason our LOC, based on drawing on the equity in our current home is not being approved and serviceability is being questioned but no one can understand why ( our banker, local bank manager, nsw loan officer) but the loan officer who is looking at our application is in VIC and in her opinion we cannot get this.

now we had originally applied for around a 100K (on the advice of a broker as well as our banker that we would qualify) we have brought it down to 30k and they still wont budge.

Our house is half paid off and the investment property we just bought is very close to neutral (only costs around $10/week)

any suggestion/ideas??? recommendations of other banks (this is NAB) etc..... we are really stuck at this point.

also sorry about this being so long and hope that it is clear :eek:
I totally agree with Rolf. You need to run your situation past an IP savvy mortgage broker and not past a bank employee pedling their employers products / loan policy's.