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From: Funky Whuff

Well I noticed the interesting discussion we had earlier where Michael was lamenting the lack of hype, funk and general interest (do I get the gist) on the forum! I for one, believe that once you know the answers, you don't need to ask the questions! Therefore, because we have so many gurus on the forum (I'm sure you know who you are...!), then it is boring to said gurus. On the other hand, young people like myself who still work as an employee for a living, and are yearning to know even a hundredth as much as said gurus, find it FASCINATING!!! So bear that in mind my favourite gurus (TW, Michael Croft, Nigel W, Dale, Sim, and many others far to numerous to mention), that this old hat is still a HUGE learning experience for all of us newbies... ;) but hey, maybe we should give old Eric a recall....
PS. The author takes no liability for any angst caused to those who consider themselves gurus but who were unaccounted for during Funky's brain processing in above post.... however, the author apologises with the utmost sincerity and realises that those all those who weren't mentioned still know a HELLUVA lot more about property than said author!!

"Q. Why aren't physios good in bed?
A. Because they normally get the swelling to go down..."
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