Share your story if retired before 53 in Australia

I'll be done by my 40th near the end of this year.
Gonna get serious with athletic development, play some poker, get good at golf, some travel and maybe do some property developments and share trading on the side.

Ace - you are a man after my own heart.

Next time you are in Brissy, we need to hit the gym, have a game of golf, play hold em with the boys and talk shares and subdivisions.
It is fascinating to read through what others have achieved. I have perused somersoft for a very long time but this is the first time I thought to register. I wish I had the opportunity to have some of you as mentors, as my family will be coming in to a situation of significant financial gain very shortly. I am young (23) and my father is semi-retired, he is very similar to a lot of you but was financially independent at an age of around 48. He chose to continue working however, albeit he did not hold a formal job.

I always considered the somersoft community as a great resource for learning how to passively invest in property, however I will have the opportunity to more actively invest and try and manufacture growth shortly (ie. development). I would absolutely love to chat to some of you further, particularly those that have gone in to development. I am so naive to many different things and I could really use some help from others much more informed and experienced than I in the future!

I am lucky that I have some basic understandings of how development works, part of the reason why my family and I will have a huge injection of capital to use soon is because of clever investments my father has made. He also comes from a trade background and is no stranger to what we'll be doing. He is going to be guiding, teaching and helping me a lot in the future but is he is still quite limited with what he knows. He has committed to helping me and what I will be doing will definitely be helping the entire family as well.

I'd love to learn from some of you, please let me know if I may personal message for further discussion!