shares slump

Just read the MSN headlines and saw the prediction about the interest rate rise today.

No-one seems to have mentioned what the ramifications might be in the share market.

I think it will drop after the news, if it hasn't already - no scientific explanation, just my feeling on it.

How say you?
Hi, it's all as clear as mud. Certainly hope you're not right as I bought some more shares yesterday.

My call is there won't be a rate rise today but it's more hopeful than anything.

Futures point to a healthy start to today's trading , it's up 50 pts on the back of Dow Jones' turnaround.

I reckon market will probably rise on back of Wall St gains last night. Debatable about whether a rates rise would effect the market overly negatively. It's another sign that the worst is behind us (albeit market has already factored that in) and things are heading back to normal.

Oops, just realised market has opened already. My thought still stands though! :D
It has been a rather rapid rise, but I think it's also in proportion to the steep decline and push too far down late last year and earlier this year. ie. XAO at 3200 was being priced for armageddon, that didn't occur so with the downturn as it eventuated perhaps it should never have really gone beloe 4000, so the catch up to that level again would be dramatic and now we're on a rally to 4600.

While I wouldn't be surprised to see a pull back, in general the stocks I hold don't look especially over or under valued at their current price (IMO). I am however convinced of their growth profiles over the coming years so am happy to hold. I was personally planning for a correction back to 42-300 with jittery markets, though it's looking less likely. I guess we'll see.
rate rises were already priced into the drop to 4570.

funny i had a dream a few night ago where it was exposed that major funds and banks artificially sold down the market to jump in because they missed the last 40 odd percent rise, and there was a huge outcry because they were protected from being shorted themselves.
earnings season! reporting season! earnings season! reporting season!