Short visit from OS - Tax deductible?

Hi all,

I know you can claim deductions for visiting an IP or claim other similar IP-related travel, but I'm curious if that would include the following scenario.

Your IP is practically next door, so it takes hardly any money to visit it, etc. But then you go overseas to other side of the world for purely personal reasons (i.e. holiday), for say 2 months. Then in the middle of your holiday you need to visit your IP in Australia for 2 or 3 days, but now it's going to cost you thousands of dollars to do so, instead of the usual 14c.

What's the go there? Is that 3-day visit fully claimable? What if your holiday was only 2 weeks?

You MAY be able to claim if you did a short 1 day visit. Then you may have a chance of saying that the ONLY reason for your visit was to inspect your IP. Anything longer and you can't claim anything apart from possibly one day car hire to get to the IP.

Otherwise we would all be flying around the world on taxpayer's expense. Just think - a cheapie in the US (one of those $1 specials), a tiny villa in France, a shoebox in Japan........