Should I be concern about this building report?

Looks like a standard warning/fine print thingy for all building reports on anything more than 30 years old?


The Y-man
Looks pretty standard. Builders will disclose every little potential issue to cover themselves.

If that is the worst of your report, it does not seem too worrisome.:)

Regards, JO
Phone the company and speak to the person who inspected the property.

We were taken aback by the number of minor faults listed on a building report. Hubby phoned the inspector who told him it was a great property, in generally good condition, and very well built.

As said, they include every little thing to protect themselves.
as others said , its a standard report , not realy , but like a clause, it just covers them for future liability , as almost all old homes contain some sort of asbestos,
as the others said - pretty standard.

on our current house there was a comments about rising damp in the brickwork so we rang the inspector and he said that if we'd told him over the phone that it was a 1930's double brick house, he would've told us there was rising damp on the southern side without even bothering to look at it.

the inspectors now cover themselves for every possible (and not so possible) outcome or issue due to a spate of litigations around 8-10 years back where they were seen as an easy target for new home buyers, who went on the renovating spree and uncovered all sorts of issues that the builder inspector couldn't have seen or known about.

there was a period of around 2 years thereafter where the new, indepth reports were giving every novice property buyer the jeebies and they'd pull out of perfectly good purchases.