should Isell or rent

From: Gerard Mclean

Hi new member from today, Just finished Jans new book, was the best I have read so,my family home in sydney valued 400,000
owe 90,000 ip 1 paid 260 rent 270pw valued 290. ip 2 paid 225 rent 290 all sydney

but I have got the thing Of moving my family to Moruya 5 acres 2 houses I live in one rent other which is cottage 140pw rent my home at 400 pw week should I sell my family home to do this or shold I stay In sydney and keep building wealth as I can do the same thing there
looking for any replys on this as I can answer myself but would like to hear views on this.
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From: Rolf Latham

Hi Gerard

Dont have the answer to your question, BUT I am very jealous of the lifestyle move :eek:)


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