Shower waterproofing becomes a bathroom reno


I am in the process of regularise my garage converted 36-sqm granny flat.
The granny flat has been there for around 20 years.

Council requires the following
1. on concrete slab & plastic sheeting on top of concrete slab
2. minimum height of 2.4m
3. laundry to be installed (a tap and a sink will do)
4. 240V fire alarm must be installed
5. insulation of walls and ceiling
6. water proofing of shower area

#6 seems to be an easy job, rip off tiles, water proof and then re-tile.
The original quote is around $1000.

After inspection by a tiler, it turns out that the state of the sheeting behind the tiles are rotting and unstable.

It was an $1000 job and now it becomes a full renovation job. :eek:

Ripout and disposal of old tiles /sheets / timber

Reinforce timber batons studs and beams
Re-sheet bathroom
Supply of blue/viler bored /studs glue
Screws and labor

To waterproof bathroom to NSW specs for supply of waterproofing and webbing rolls /wall and floor priming in recommendations of materials supplier /and labor

To screed floor so that the correct fall is archived in order for water run off
Including supply of sand / cement / Floor wast's/aluminium angles / and labor

To tile bathroom both wall and floors
Re install vanity / tapes/ toilet / mirror / shower screen / soap holder/ tall rail holder / this includes supply of
Tapes /spouts /soap holder/tail rail holder /mirror (cheep) /a standard vanity to suit bathroom / shower screen ( framed or semi framed )/
Glue /labour

For Electrical IE replace light/heat switch and power points and fit out of IXL fan for supply of materials and labor

Painting of ceiling /windows/ doors frames for supply and labor

Total = $6580 ex GST or $7238 inc GST

Is it a reasonable price?
I just want water proofing of the shower area and now it becomes a full bathroom renovation.

Could someone please recommend a good tradie for this job in Central Coast area?

Thanks in advance :rolleyes:
$7K is about right for a full bathroom reno. Do it properly and it's done.

For waterproofing, I use, H.K. Epoxy Seal in West Gosford. I've done 1/2 dozen bathrooms with them and no issues 10+ years later.

If you hire a total bathroom reno company it will come out to double at $14K.
I have looked at same issue with a small bathroom where shower needed waterproofing. Ended up not using shower but putting screen over bath and making tenants use the shower in there instead.

I am now looking at putting in a complete shower cubicle with base from bunnings for about $1000. Does anyone know if that would that work?
You will still need to waterproof your walls otherwise you will get water penetration.

But the cubicle is self-contained (walls and base) the only outlet is the drain hole which goes straight through into the drain in the actual floor. So where is the water penetration? Do you mean moisture in the air from the shower/bath etc? Obviously this is different in Htopg's case as that bathroom has problems behind the wall tiles as well.