silk filled doona - anyone had one?

i'm looking to update my doona from a king to a super king. obviously quality ones (down etc) from the shops cost a small fortune so was looking around on ebay.

i see there are some doona's from china that are "silk filled". i know silk is a great fabric for keeping cool and warm - but was wondering what it was like as a doona filling.

anyone had experience with these? what did you think? were they worth buying?

Quality varies a lot. Some due to poor design cannot be machine washed or even hand washed. Others will have too few silk layers for any decent warmth. And imported ones may not fit Australian doona covers.

Consider a good quality doona from a local seller, when you consider that it'll last 10+ years and you'll wear it for 1/3rd of each day it doesn't seem so expensive :)
very true - and i do like down ... there are some good priced australian made down doona inserts on ebay, but was curious about the silk ones.
Not going to be much help... but your post made me think of the hassle I used to have with a silk shirt I used to wear. It loved moisture and so got dirty very quickly and was a pain to wash and then was very 'crispy' once I'd washed it. A doona is a bit different but if you or DH are 'sweaty' I'd stick with the things easy to wash/dry clean.