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From: Anonymous

Went to a seminar last night put on by
Six Start Property Syndicate on the Sunshine
Coast. This group have been inspired by
Jan Somers and claim to have met with her.
Has anyone had any dealings with this group
that they can share? The seminar was free,
but for a fee of $600 you can meet with their
accountants, organise finance AND they will
also find you a property! Is this too good
to be true? They do operate & teach along
the same lines as Jan Somers.

All help greatly appreciated.
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From: Nigel W

Why are they charging you for something you can, and SHOULD, learn for yourself.

A good broker can get finance for you and YOU don't pay them a cent - the bank does!

Make up your own mind...but I wouldn't.
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From: Anonymous

I agree with this logic Nigel, but what
would you do if you had minimal time on your
hands to do the research etc, but have
learnt enough to know that you want to start investing in property. Is it possible that
the $600 would be worth it for someone else
to do all the research? Also I forgot to
add earlier that this group believes in buying brand new properties (apparently have
no connection with any particular builders).

Once again all help is greatly appreciated.
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From: Rasputin .

Not everyone has the time to look for the right property nor even the time to learn everything they need to know, so paying a small fee sounds reasonable, providing the person supplying the service is truly independant and not affiliated with a developer out to sell more of his own properties...
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From: Kristine .

Yes, independence is an interesting concept, isn't it?

Are they licensed real estate agents, to be charging you a fee for property searching? Do they carry public & professional liability insurance? If not, are they builders / developers marketing their own products? And who pays 'their' accountants, financiers, etc.

What responsibility do they assume towards you, in exchange for the 'token' fee of $600?

Before you decide, check out the bona fide real estate buying agents who must be licensed. Surely, their experience and professional accountability must count for something, or else why deal with amateurs pretending to be professionals?

Good luck

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From: Rasputin .

We are all becoming so cynical in our old age !! Maybe they truly are there jsut to help for that$600 fee. Maybe they are independant !!!
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From: Glen Wilson

Hiya anonymous, I live on the Sunshine Coast and am actively preparing myself for property investment. Where was this seminar, what was this mobs name etc, and do you want to get together and swap ideas?

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