Skype messages in Chinese

I'm just wondering if someone can tell me how to write Skype chat messages in Mandarin (simplified) or where to find out. I can change my Skype page to Mandarin but when I type it still comes out in English.

Help appreciated.
Try here select from and to languages?

对您的荣誉redwing先生 (Chinese simplified) ;)

Thanks for sharing that :)

I played around with the Greek translations and they were pretty good. Some accuracy lost when reversed and translated back, however a very useful site.
If you know pinyin, you can use the MS IME for simplified Chinese. Select the appropriate one from this Wikipedia page (version 3 if you're using XP) and download and install it. Installation instructions are in Chinese though.


I think u can download microsoft IME for any language u want. I did it for Japanese... then u can just toggle between english and the other language(s).

Thanks guys. My problem is partially solved. I'm using Microsoft Pinyin IME Chinese Simplified 2003 but I don't know how to write words with the two dots above the Pinyin, like 'female', 'cruel' (nue), 'travel' (lu). Eg. I type in nu for female and these chioces appear 弩 or 奴 or 怒 or 努 but no female. Same with travel, I get these choices 鲁, 碌,辘,路,鹿,卢,录,露,炉,璐 etc. but no travel.
Thanks for any help.
Mrs Rockstar.