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From: Chris Legg

Anyone else sick of Sly Dog posts?

He or she has an opinion on everything but is not prepared to put his or her name where the mouth is.

Give us a break Sly Dog reveal yourself or stop cluttering up this forum with your fatuous posts.
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From: Jim Kouta

Hi Chris,

Does it really matter when there is so much else going on?

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From: GoAnna !

Hi Chris

Personally I have found Sly Dog's posts to be considered and knowledgeable. I learn from everyone's contributions and it doesn't concern me who Sly Dog is.

For all we know no-one is using their real names on this forum. To me it is not an issue. When I attend gatherings I get to meet the people behind the "names". Sly Dog does not post as "anon" so we are able to build a picture Sly Dog from his/her accumulative opinions.

I look forward to meeting Sly Dog some time in the future.

We shouldn't presume why people would prefer not to share their full names with a community largely made up of anon observers.

GoAnna !
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From: Michele B

I also think SD's posts are considered and interesting and I like the fact that he/she doesn't write anonymously, something I always find disconcerting. Like GoAnna, I don't care what name someone uses, but a gradual buildup of background information gives context and value to their contributions.

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From: Jeremy Laws

Frankly I am more interested in the fact that the fed dropped rates 0.5% than whether a pseudonym is used on, by, or for anyone! My guess is only 5% of people use their name anyway!


Im going to make you look at the top to see who wrote this:)
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From: Michael G


I don't see anything wrong with blocking one's email address. Hell it saves one from getting abusive emails.

And I appreciate that SD tags their emails to indicate which are there's.

That's all we need really want, to know who we're talking and listening to.

Its the multitude of anon postings where you don't know if its one or more people posting.

People who post under anon have equal rights to post their views, its just makes it difficult to determine how many individual views have been expressed in one thread.

Would I be out of line to ask and encourage those who wish to remain anonomous to take up a nickname in their signature?, It would just make it easy if we can address individuals and not a mass of anons :)

Michael G.
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From: G V

Msg to SD,

In one of the previous post you had mentioned you are not able to suppress your email address but i think you can do it. my email is suppressed. If you do wish so you can do it. alternatively you can create an email address which you never the way i am not worried about your posing as anon. i can understand people sending unwanted email. i had this experience when i posted my first post here and gave my actual email address and name. Guess what instead of getting some advice i had asked for i got some idiotic remain anon if you wish so.
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From: Paul Zagoridis

AS one of the earlier doomsayers about Anon's swamping this forum. I thought I should wade in and say Sly Dog's solution is fine with me.

Sure I'd prefer she posted under the Sly Dog username (you can tell when she's online in the current users list). I also am sure the email suppresses fine (though I haven't tested how email subscribed members like T Avery see them).

This preference is because the day may come when we will ignore posts from "Anonymous" and I value Sly Dog's contributions. Do I care what her real name is? No! Do I care to confirm the truth of her investment results? Not really as long as her opinions are thoughtful and consistent.

Chris, I respect your opinion and I suggest you ignore Anonymous posts. There are some posters (no longer here) who I ignored because I was too busy to read their (IMO) crap.

Lastly, I don't know that Sly Dog is female. But I do like playing games with people's gender bias. ;-)

Paul Zag
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