Small block sizes in R2 Zone

Hi All,

I noticed that in Warringah Council (NSW) R2 zone there are a few subdivided blocks.

In Beacon Hill in particular in the same street blocks are 1100sqm and just few houses down the road the same sized block has been divided in one house being 420sqm and another 680sqm (battleaxe block).

When I called council (town planner) to see if same can be done on other blocks they flat out said no. (minimum requirement is 600sqm). When I asked them how come others were able to do it and they were only few houses down the road they said they don't know how it was done.

I then asked if at least dual occupancy is possible where two 3 bedroom houses can be built using strata title. They again said no since it is R2 zone. They did however say that you can build secondary dwelling (granny flat) no more that 60sqm.

Has anyone had experience with this and how is it possible that some blocks in the street can be subdivided and others cant? Also to add there is a duplex in the same street that is around 500sqm (one is 250sqm and other is 248sqm).

Is it possible to do strata subdivision where there are 2 detached buildings?

get the addresses and go to council and ask for the da information.

You should be able able to view it under freedom of information but will most likely have to pay a fee (around $30 or so)

reasons could include different land zoning or previous lep (legislation)