small puppy needs a home

Hi Folks,

I found a dog in the middle of a roundabout last week, not microchipped and no tag, took him to the local vet, owners havn't turned up so I have taken him in for now to avoid him ending up at the pound or euthanised. I can't keep him as I already have 3 dogs.

He is a gentle silky x , about a year old. If anyone is in the market for a dog and you are happy to allow him into your home, definitly an indoor dog, send me a PM.
Thats a lovely thing to do for the pup. You saved him!

I wish I could help but I am in Melbourne and have two dogs already as well.

Post some photos of the doggy, many wonna be owners may want to have a look! :)
Post some pics :)

Did the vet check him out for worms / health problems, or just to see if he was chipped?
I will get my hubby to take some pics of him and post here, hopefully tomorrow.

The vet didn't get a chance to check him over (told me he was too busy)but he looks ok to me. He has a lovely nature, very gentle follows me around all day, and loves cuddles.

I'll get my local vet to have a look at him , they have offered to give him a free haircut so as to make him look extra cute for his new owner.

I want to make sure he goes to a loving home, preferably someone that is prepared to take him for walks and will allow him to be an indoor dog.
It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission :)

"better to 'beg' forgiveness than ask permission".

for my birthday around 8 years ago i rang husband at work to thank him for my birthday present.

silent pause "what did i get you?"

rspca dog!

another silent pause.

much loved by the whole family ever since.


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Good luck Katrina.

It wasn't that long ago that I was asking the forum if anyone could take in a kitten(s) that Lil Skater had saved. End result was that one of them found a lovely home from a forum member. The other we ended up keeping as we couldn't get a home for two of them.

I really didn't want another cat as we already had 5, but he is now a much loved member of our household.

I hope you find a good home for your little lost soul.