Small Shed

Hiya all, I am looking for a small shed to put away mower, whipper snipper, trimmer and a few gardening products.

Ideally something already made that does not need cement foundation would be great.

Anyone done something different ?
Son put up a 3m x 3m shed last year, his paid his neighbour to install a concrete pad but you could do this with pavers or concrete squares.

Shed about $500.00 pick up from supplier. :p

Hubby was trying to buy of ebay for our son in the end he brought from the vendor off ebay.

Took one day for hubby & son to erect. :p

No council paperwork was required for sheds 3m x 3m or less.

Our local real estate agent LOVES sheds.

If you list a house with a shed, or better yet more than one shed, your listing will end up with 10 photos of the shed and maybe one of the house if you're lucky.

His business is XYZ real estate and there is another company in the area called XYZ sheds so I think the whole family are just a bunch of shed fetishists.

Back on topic, stick your little shed on a nice compact pad of crusher dust or some other fine gravel, and then pave inside it when its up, assuming you have bought the kind of shed with a paver-sized lip under the door anyway :) Most seem to come that way, I've been roped in more than once to help pave the inside of a mate's shed.