Smartline franchise


I'm seriously looking into buying a Smartline mortgage franchise, so far everything seems to look good. What are peoples opinion of Smartline and their business systems?


Never heard of them so there is potential there for improvement....
Are they like Aussie where they sell you any loan but try to steer you towards particular products?

Franchises are as good as the systems they have in place and the people who work there.
For example, I called aussie some years ago and they had some clown taking down details, how much you want to borrow, your income, any other commitments and they cherry picked the easy customers.

Anyone who wanted something more difficult they didn't even contact to say I'm sorry we can't do it or you've reached servicebility and to discuss ways to get around it eg, lower your credit card limit or whatever.

Such clowns I don't deal with and never will. So check out their practices and if you decide to go ahead make sure you provide good customer service and with happy customers your business will do well. Maybe you can pretend to be a customer with a couple of them to see what they are like?

Smartline are pretty much an "independent" franchise model........much the likes of mortgage choice, but with better broker conditions I believe.

My current view is that I would not invest in any finance based franchise unless I was buying an established business with a warm handover, OR, the empty new shell is close to free, and can be run paralell to an existing business.


It is a new franchise but with low buy in costs.

$10k + gst for the franchise
$2k + gst for training
$1k + gst for marketing/ office package

Then it will cost me about

$8k to set up a home office.
$2k in annual fees e.g. indemnity insurance, memberships etc.

For this you get 12 weeks business coaching, 2 years mentoring, use of their software, use of their systems, and their marketing department.

I know that it will take a couple years for the income to build up but I am prepared for that and have a cash reserve to back me up.


I think they said they are the 7th biggest mortgage broker in Australia but do not rely heavily on advertising instead rely on referrals.

Their systems seem very good, I don't think they would shy away from a hard customer but you never know as they consist of individual franchisees.
I guess you need to look at the commission structure and any ongoing fees to use their "marketing" and software after you initial 2 year period.
By having you name on their website as a smartline broker in a specific area won't necessarily have clients walking through the door so I'm not sure on what bang your getting for your buck with the franchise fee.


EVERYTHING depends on the agreement, your splits, the exit options and and where Smartline can add value to YOUR business. Its not theirs..........and this is where most of these get it soooooooo wrong.

I agree 100 % on referral marketing, beats the standard, BUT Smartline as a label wont get many referals.........YOU will have to

Dependng on where you are you might find a Choice Homeloans/ Agg services or FAST group et al offering pretty much the same ith perhaps better and more personal T&Cs