Smiley faces

Is it possible to view posts without those ridiculous smiley faces? They seriously annoy me, man. So can I look at forums without seeing them?

'no hat, some cattle'
Hmm... actually there are user options for disabling just about everything, but I can't find anything to allow you to disable smileys.

I'll let you know if I find a way of doing it.

There's so many options in this software, I'm still finding new ones !
At the moment, Individuals can disable smilies when posting so the smilie tag is not converted to a graphic. Also the Administrator (Sim) can turn Smilies off so that no-one can post the smiley graphics. That is one solution to the problem although it may be unpopular. We'll Poll that one.

The Edit Options allow individuals to turn off Avatars and Signatures so they don't appear when viewing threads but Smilies aren't mentioned.

I don't think Sim disabling the smilies is a good idea. Just cause I don't like 'em doesn't mean that no one should be able to post them. A much more democratic option should be exercised, I think.

'no hat, some cattle'
Hi Mark,

I know you weren't suggesting the Smilies be turned off but Polling is fun. Any excuse for a Poll. :D


PS: Thought you might appreciate me turning the smilie off in this post.
Jerry, this kind of personal comment is not adding any value to the forum - please refrain from posting such things in the future.