SMSF usage of UK transfered pension

I couldn't find any specifics on this.
does anyone know after transferring UK pension funds to a smsf, it will be a QROP'ed fund, if these funds can be used to buy an IP.
So for example say i transfer 100k from uk to my SMSF can i use this as the deposit and borrow to buy an IP?
If i alreday have more funds in my SMSF does this just all go in one bucket and that could be used as deposits for buying IP's
I know that HMRC need reporting if paying out on monies transfered until age of 55 but what i want to now if there is any restriction on using this money as a deposit until that age.
any comments.

I know nothing about UK super laws however if they release funds to your SMSF (have assummed its an Aussie established fund) then funds are transfered as cash to a bank account in the name of the SMSF and are then therefore available to the funds trustee/s to invest.

If the fund wishes to invest in property and its within the funds investment strategy so be it.
yes Mike, it is or will be an Ausssie one when completed. I wasn't sure if the monies would be seen to being " paid out" if they were used as a deposit on an IP as there are payment threshholds for a 5 year period from residency starts or until you reach retirement age of 55.
just wondered if anyone else had experienced this, done it or had any advice.
i still have to do the transfer as yet.
hi chris
not sure if you would transfer
an smsf can leverage thru alot of avenues and if you read my post with regards to bonds this maywell be something to look at.
and you do need to check the best way to use the 100k( if this is the amount and will use it as an example and bring it in and putting it into a smsf bank account here and then paying it out as a deposit may well be a good idea but there maywell be alot better ideas out there you do need to check with a smsf person
and a smsf person that uses smsf to invest in property
this is not anyform of advice