so how long are we responsible for the new house?

I probably should know the answer to this but just got back from holidays and still waiting for my brain to go back to 'work' mode...

we sold a brand new house august last year....owners are now coming back to us asking us to fix some pavers which have just recently started moving.....

is this still our responsibility? we contracted the paving to be done seperate to the builder so builder is obviously not repsonsible but would this be part of te 3mths maintenance??
we sold a brand new house august last year....

would this be part of te 3mths maintenance??
7 months later?!?! Tell em' they're dreamin'. What if you'd moved overseas, they wouldn't contact you.....would they???:eek:

Re the 3 months maintenance, hasn't the 3 month period well and truly expired, unless I'm missing something.

you aren't liable for anything. if it's not related to the building itself (in which case they call the builder) then it's just too bad
its all coming back to me now....they'd be covered by 5yr new home warranty which includes paving work even if not done by builder himself, the paving contractor would need to come back to fix.

we've had pavers move at one of our brand new homes and its taken 3yrs and we still can't get the pavers annoying.
5 year warranty? you must be talking about structural issues here surely?

the bad news about your moved pavers is I doubt anyone will ever fix them
as far as i can tell everyone's pavers move at some stage..

unless the base wasn't compacted/prepped properly.

i'll have to check it out and see if there's anything obvious otherwise i'll refer them onto the paver.
yep..waaaay too soft i annoy myself sometimes!

i'll check it out and if i'm not forced to fix it i wont...geez i mean its been almost 8mths!
not at all... take a day off work, go have a cuppa and walk around the garden with them. who knows what other issues you have inadvertantly missed since you SOLD THE HOUSE :)
If you are under no legal obligations (I don't know what laws are on selling brand new homes), then I wouldn't even bother responding. What an absolutely ridiculous request!
As far as I know, if it's due to soil movement, then they're not covered.

The house isn't around Oakden, Northgate or Ingle Farm is it :eek:.
Unless you were owner builder then you have absolutely no, none, nill, zilch, zero....obligation towards the new owners.
There should have been searches done and paperwork provided in the contract for sale pertaining to the home warranty scheme...but the vendor is not responsible once sold.

BTW...I'm a paver and my pavers do NOT move...!:D
Yep, I'm with everyone else on this one ... tell them to get a can of Harden Up!

I have built four new houses. I think the warranty you're referring to is a structural warranty. That covers major problems with the structure of the house, ie. major roof, wall or floor problems.

The maintenance warranty (usually between 3-6 months) covers the other stuff the builder did and is usually for cracks, chipped paint, general bits they missed, dripping taps, etc.

As you contracted the paving separately, it has nothing to do with the builder. The new owner needs to contact the paving contractor and sort it out with him.

You've sold the house ... not your problem!
hmmmm ok so this is what i found out over the weekend.

there's retaining wall along the boundary of one side of the house.....apparently the retaining was just short of the finish floor level (like 5cms) so the paving guy apparently told my hubby that instead of putting up another row of retaining (concrete sleepers), what people tend to do is use the hardiplank is sitting between where the pavers finish and the fence IYKWIM.

not sure if this now falls back on us because we didn't go the extra sleeper??
You've got to be kidding.....Nothing falls back on you...!!! You have sold...!
It's the paver guy who is were the customer remember...?

Unless of course you are not telling us something such as you were the owner builder...? Then I would suggest you may have an issue, but seriously why are you so determined to get involved in something that on the face of it is absolutely nothing to do with you..?
apparently the retaining was just short of the finish floor level (like 5cms)

Floor level should be at least 100mm (10cm) above everything immediately outside the building to prevent water inundation and provide visible detection of whiteant infestation.

You really need to let go of your FORMER house....;)

Tell them to call their bank, as the bank is the real owner of the house. :D

That makes as much sense as calling you for a loose paver.