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Hi Everyone,

AS a newbie to this forum, I would like to seek advise on how best to collate our portfolio. Here is our situation:

a. We run a small business & use MYOB to do our accounting.
b. We use Microsoft Money to categorise all of our expenses from an internet download & then use a hard copy to input into MYOB
c. We use a line of credit facility for or invetsment/business & personal use.
d. We are also looking at a Portfolio Service for our DIY Super Fund to allow us to invest more directly in shares & property.

Whilst the above approach has proven to be a "pain" to date, we have now moved into property with our second property investment (as well as more agressive share management) & this is now proving to be quite difficult to integrate/manage.

Ideally we would like to be able to make all of this easier to manage.

We have just looked at Quicken Cashbooks & it appears to have, on the surface, a number of features that are attractive to manage all of this but we have not yet looked at it in detail.

Does anyone have any experiences of what are the best options to manage this?


Hi David, welcome to the forum.

I have moved your post to the Information Resources forum because, although your post is about accounting software and such, software discussions belong in here.

Question for you: are you after something to only manage the finance part of your investments, or do you need something to track other finance specific information as well ?

There are specialist property management products out there which aren't really accounting/financial management packages, and there are accounting packaged which don't really help you manage the investment specific stuff (like tenants in your property).

What were you hoping to be able to do with the software ?
Hi Sim,

We were specifically in the management of the finance part of our investments. We currently have this spread over several applications: MYOB for business expenses, Money for personal & interfacing to our bank & several Excel spreadsheets for some financial modelling. It works OK because I have tailored it to our situation butis cumbersome.

The Property Management components are currently being taken care of, although we may look to that shortly too so any advice there would be greatly appreciated.


Hi David,

while Sim is a Quicken fan, I use Money which works perfectly well. The trick is to get an older version of Money-- which has business and personal accounting.

The newer versions spilt it up, so go for money 99.

If you are a property investor, and want software to keep track of income and expenses etc then why not use a specialist property investment tool.

RentMaster keeps track of your income and expenses, lets you know what your current profitibility is, keeps track of rent arrears, tenant history, property repairs, depreciation etc, and has lots of reports and investment analysis tools and PIA.

There is a 60 day trial available at


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My apologies to anyone who considered my last post to be spam. That was not my intention. Someone asked the question 'can you recommend any software' - so I recommended some software. I can see your point though.

RentMaster is not my day job - it is my hobby. I first developed the software when I purchased my first rental property. At the time I also made the software freely available on the internet for anyone else who might like to use it. Since then I have had people asking me for enhancement requests to make the software suit their requirements. All enhancements I do are done for free. I am now charging a small fee (e.g. $25AU for my simple PIA system) to cover my costs. Some of my software continues to be 100% free. My intention is to make my software available in order to help other property investors. This continues to be a weekends and evenings project.

How is this to make ammends. Anyone who sends an email to [email protected], I will send you back a free license to my simple PIA system called rentmaster profiler. I hope no-one objects to free software.