Solicitor in the Hunter region?

Hi gurus :)

I have likely done some things backwards, as we are already performing alot of DD on a number of properties that meet all of our criteria.. but we are yet to research or lock in a solicitor, let alone a building inspector/pest inspector.

I will of course do my own research and make a squillion calls. But word of mouth can go a long way, and your advice is golden to me :)

A recent property opened my eyes a bit and I realised that I would need a professional opinion on the work required to bring it up to speed.. and it snowballed from there.

Thanks in advance guys.

Cheers :)
Pete Moroney at Buildingwise is the best Inspector I am aware of. My family all use him and he spends an hour or more with you explaining the report in lay terms rather than just email it to you.

Tell him I sent you. Not that I get paid any spotter's fees :)
I have used Inspecta Homes for inspections and I wasn't happy at all. There were many things that were made unclear and it was very confusing. I also found trying to talk to them about the reports was difficult and it was like I was annoying or disturbing them to ask some questions about it.
Thanks for the info guys. It gives me a good starting point for such an involved process.

I've just been trying to get my head around the order of process for the most part. I understand most of the components I will need to complete prior to the exchange of contracts, but at what stage of the game to inject them has been a little harder given that one property is one that I am not prepared to make a low-ball offer on until having an inspection completed and a professional report presented.

All in all i've done alright. I'll be better for the experience for sure.

Again, thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.
we used east coast conveyancing... can't remember the name of the girl who did it all for us... but we were very impressed. Very efficient, right on the ball when things started to go off track at the other end and a reasonable price from memory.
i use "all about conveyancing" at taree ... have dealt with them for 10 years but never met them face to face. very very efficient, knowledgeable and go getting group of people. i have also heard good things about east coast conveyancing if you want someone actually in town.