Solicitor Sydney

Hi everyone
can anyone recommend a solicitor for Syd?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, MTR
Try Michael Story
Purchase with no building and pest is $1200

Nathan and a few others here use him as well

15 Flushcombe Rd, BLACKTOWN, NSW, 2148
Phone (02) 9831 8266
Fax(02) 9831 1848
Thanks everyone.

Expect good service and most importantly settles on the date.

In Perth I have been paying around $650, we use conveyance agencies, they are not solicitors but provide same service. I guess Solicitors are just passing work onto someone in the office and they sign it off. Don't understand why I have to pay double the price for the same service.

In Melb used a solicitor and negotiated $650 as I purchased several properties he only negotiated a lower fee when he found out I was going to use a cheaper option.

Cheers, MTR
..... we use conveyance agencies, they are not solicitors but provide same service......

IF the conveyance goes smoothly then conveyance agencies are certainly a cheaper alternative. HOWEVER, if things start to go pear shaped, as they can & sometimes do, then a conveyancer will be running off to a solicitor for their legal assistance in any event.

For the few $100's extra, my own persoanl preference is for a solicitor. And yes, they farm it out to the office staff and charge you at their own rates but the buck stops with them.;)
the buck stops with them.;)

....are you sure....have you gone through your (they wrote it) contract of engagement with a fine tooth comb to establish that as fact.

They are awfully good at, and usually pride themselves on, reducing their liability to less than nil.

Are you 100% sure the buck stops with them ??

We've just finished engaging a Sydney solly to settle a place, and their cost was northwards of 9K. Dunno where this "few $ 100 comes from". Maybe we just got royally ripped off ??

One thing I do know, we'll never buy in NSW again. The contractual system sucks.

we are talking resi here

You're having a winge about the legals costs of your commercial deal?

You know well that if you had to argue for another month or 2 to get the deal changed to suit you then your solicitor bill could have been even higher...
Are you 100% sure the buck stops with them ??
You are quoting me out of context. That was said in relation to the office girls doing most of the legwork on a conveyancing deal but the solicitor himself actually being responsible for their work.:rolleyes:

Dunno where this "few $ 100 comes from".
As BV (Bill) said, we are talking residential here - not commercial - as you well know :rolleyes:.
I paid about $1k for my property which settled just before Christmas. That was for a conveyancer and I'd happily use her again.

J&M Property Conveyancers - Parramatta - 9635 9088