some assistance please.

Hi guys well i am asking for some input on a flyer that will be presented to potential clients, we do construction and property maintenance, the construction is great, but the maintenance is terriffic cash flow,
we have printed some introduction manuals these are for re princepals so they can choose us to do their maintenance, etc etc , they are 5 pages fully bound , so i thought it would be a great idea to do a 5A version not bound when we see other clients , so because of the staples i need to make three more pages , so there are eight in total, my idea was to add ideas that the home owner can do to minimise any reprocussions it may cause , for eg, we will head with the months and for june we will add , please check the batteries in your smoke detectors, this simple act saves lives,

and for may would be to remove all leaves and debres from the gutters , because blocked gutters and down pipes may cause water damage and flooding to the ceilings.
for other months we will add comments from out specific comments like cleaning granit bench tops and what should go down the loo and why, discounts in colder months shoul apply as well, i hope you get my meanings, and assist me with my little quest, thanks guys, and gals. ;)
And maybe spring cleaning the windows in September.
Pressure spraying the paths and outdoor areas after winter.
Trimming branches and overhanging leaves before summer.
A coat of paint every 3 -4 years to freshen up the place.

Is there any end to the things you can do to enhance the interiors and exteriors of a property. I know with our home it's always work in progress.

Good luck - Craig and hope you can bring in many maintenance requests.