Some help with first Slide and Divide project

Hey all,

Hoping someone might be able to give me a heads up on a few issues with a site that I've found. The block is 810m2 on two lots, but is a widow block so will have to be reconfigured anyway. Once the reconfiguration is complete, there is then a problem with a sewer main down running down the length of one block. We have just seen the council about it and I think I may have been given some bad advice, and would like a second opinion.

The existing house is 7.9m wide, so im hoping to slide it to one side on the outer boundary leaving the minimum 1.5 metres to the inside boundary. The neighbours house is about 3 metres away. The liason officer I spoke to said that you cannot do this to an outside boundary, but it is like that all around the streets near this block.

If this isnt possible, I would place it on the inside boundary and leave the 1.5m width on the outside. But for some reason, the council lady said that the only way I can do this is if I submit plans to build on the other block at the same time, which makes no sense to me and isnt like that in the code. I believe she is talking about having reduced setbacks between two houses, which isnt the plan.

Also, there is a sewer connection to the neighbours house running through one block, and a sewer main running through the other. Has anyone had any experience in the process of building over sewers, or in moving them and associated costs. The due diligence i have done makes this look like it might be too hard as a first project, but i am more than willing to try and bite off more than i can chew.
Hey Cleedus,

Not exactly sure what your saying but I will give it a try.
If you trying to slide the building onto the boundary line then it won't work. Buildings within 900mm must be fire resisting on the side closest to the boundary(eg masonary, from what I remember of the BCA rules). Also you can't bridge over a sewer connection on a mains sewer, you must move the connection if its in your way for a possible house slab. Bridging over a sewer pipe is ok though. That can add 2-5k depending on sewer depth, size and how far you need to slab over it.
I had to move mine on a subdivision last yr as it was in the middle of the battle-axe block I was creating. It cost 1.5k for the design ($900 was a scrutinise fee from BCC). 2k for council to cap old connection and reconnect and inspect the new one and 7k to dig a new line up the fence and across to the existing house.
Also had fun at the water board office with one guy telling one way to do it and a few days later I got a totally different story from the next guy. So I asked who will be handling my stuff, then I did it his way and it all worked out fine.
Another question to ask is if you have to upgrade any of that sewer by doing your subdivision. That would add some big $ to it.

Hope that helps,
Thanks for that chris. A visit to the town planners sealed the deal. Not only did it have the mains sewer, but the other neighbours sewer line ran into the property, then diagonally across connecting in just behind the existing house. so both blocks were going to need work. Definately not worth it for what it was.