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Hi everyone! Long time no speak.
I've been away for a while. Hope everyone is well and look slike I've got some reading to catch up on! :D;)

Firstly, I have a problem with my new TV..
Its a Teac 42" LCD and while it's fantastic, the picture takes a good 30 seconds to settle in. It's like there is a storm or something, keeps cutting in and out, but after 30 secs, no worries.

My digital signal is excellent so I'm not sure whats happening there.
Hoping someone may be able to shed some light?

Anyhow, I started a new job this week! After 10 years in the same job (retail) I finally left, and started with a company who does cabling and I really like working on my own without the worry of customers, its soooo much less stress so thats good. A little more physical but I don't mind that. Plus, we seem to stand around doing nothing half the time and in my other job I was rushed off my feet all day with heaps to worry about, which took its toll a bit.

The (soon to be) wife and I have decided that next year we are taking a year (at least) off to travel Australia, WE CAN BARELY WAIT!

We both took a look at all the work we've performed over the past 10 years straight and decided, enoughs enough. Seriously, its time to live some and use a little of the profits we've made from investing. We really don't see much point in working, what a waste of life! While some enjoy it, working is definitely not for us.

We're not sure if we should go the caravan, or camper trailer route just yet. I'd love to hear suggestions from others who may have experienced travelling in a similar manner before. The missus wants to do some off road camping and the caravan might not be able to get to where we plan on going, not sure what to do..?

Cheers guys :)
Firstly, I have a problem with my new TV..
Its a Teac 42" LCD and while it's fantastic, the picture takes a good 30 seconds to settle in. It's like there is a storm or something, keeps cutting in and out, but after 30 secs, no worries.

Cheers guys :)

God is punishing you for not buying a 60 inch.

Now, go say 20 Hail Marys and jump in the car and SPEED to your nearest Clive Peeters store and buy a 60" full HD whatever brand.

And, don't haggle over the price; we have an economy to support.
You get a big caravan or whatnot, and either tow a smaller vehicle (if you have a winnebego kind of setup) or you tow with the smaller one.

Then you park the caravan/mobile house thing somewhere and go driving around the interesting areas in the smaller car.

Sheesh, haven't you been stuck behind tourists on the highway in monster mobile homes towing 4WDs before? :rolleyes:
Hi want2bewealthy,

Sounds like a great plan!

We have an off road camper trailer which is fantastic for camping & going offroad..however...whilst it is great for a couple, we have 3 kids and it can take a while to set up bunk beds etc.

Even pre-kids we did some travelling & if we had time constraints on getting to our destination we sometimes stayed in a cabin or motel overnight on the way to our destination.

I guess it depends on the set-up of the camper trailer. Ours is basically a very comfortable QS bed on top of the trailer with the fold out tent bit. Setting that part up is is the cooking facilities etc which has led us to not being keen on setting it up for a one night stay.

My hubby would be keen on purchasing a caravan so that everything is there ready to go & having extra storage & room for rainy days when travelling.

Good luck with your plans, it sounds like fun!

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Maybe have a look at Drifta kitchens! They are awesome systems, I have one in our camper trailer and the whole thing is set up in seconds.

W2BW my bias is toward the camper trailer if you truly want to explore off road, but then again we sell them for a living so the bias is strong!

When I'm old enough to be a grey nomad I'll probably want to switch to travelling with a van, but for now, I love the freedom to go anywhere the 4wd is capable of going.
Planning your travels will be half the fun!
I went around Australia with family for seven months, we took off in a Commodore wagon and a little Jayco poptop. By the time we'd reached the Top End they'd turned into an old Land Cruiser and a 24 foot double axle van!

Those little camper trailers are great for a weekend down the river, but if you're doing the nomad thing you'll tire of the setup process really quickly. Nothing beats being able to pull over in front of a good view, go in back and pop the kettle and grub on.

When we wanted to explore the national parks we just left the van in a perimeter campsite and threw a tent or mattress in the 4WD. These days you'll probably want a bit more security on the van like an alarm, a wheel clamp, or a padlock on the tow hook.

Try not to make the mistake of hanging onto the van for years afterwards taking up half the backyard - buy second hand, use it for the year and sell it again.

Most of all enjoy yourself, she's a beautiful country out there!!
We traveled on and off for 10 yrs or so. We moved into a house where ever we felt like setting up for awhile but lots of stints in the old tent , wagon or caravans in parks in between too , 2 -3 mths sometimes .

I'd go caravan , they resell great when you get back , you can go where you like , just unhook & there's home , you get your car back to scoot about with and instead of losing 50 grand or worse on resell when you get back, you only lose 5 or 10 .
The campers are bloody cumbersome things . High , clumsy , expensive, you can't drive them a round much when you get there so they often have to have a car at back or something - a bit silly. You have to pack up every time you wanna drive somewhere if you don't take extra transport .

Thought I better add , we were pretty young though. Didn't mind roughing it so all that is a factor I guess . I always thought a camper trailer would really be the go , even smaller, easier and cheaper but again we were pretty young so any lack of wouldn't have worried us in the slightest.
I can see peoples points above with them though so maybe not .

Anyway, enjoy in whatever you decide eh .
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